Philippe Petit’s High Wire Act at LongHouse

Philippe Petit at LongHouse Reserve on Thursday. Photo credit: ADRIEL REBOH/

Philippe Petit walks the high wire at LongHouse Reserve on Thursday while Paul Winter plays the sax. Photo credit: ADRIEL REBOH/

LongHouse devotees were in for a special treat on Thursday, August 7, when Philippe Petite celebrated the 40th anniversary of his famous clandestine Twin Towers exploits by getting all high wire at the East Hampton-based Reserve.

Petite’s original death-defying act was on August 7, 1974 at the Twin Towers in lower Manhattan. His “Look Up!” reprisal event at LongHouse Reserve featured him walking across the picturesque pond at Jack Lenor Larsen’s retreat. The event also featured music by Paul Winter and dramatic readings by Melissa Leo. Guests in attendance included Larsen, Dianne B, Matko Tomicic, Philippe Petit, Kathy O’Donnell, Ted Hartley, Paul Rickenbach, Mary Jane and Charles Brock, Dorothy Lichtenstein, Dan Rattiner, Chris Wasserstein, James Signorelli, Elaine Grove, Anthony Haden-Guest, Molly Chappellet and Reese Chappellet.

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