Art Southampton: What A Scene!

A different type of room with a view.  All photos by Dawn Watson

A different type of room with a view. All photos by Dawn Watson

Art Southampton was a phenomenal and spectacular experience! Aside from the traffic and parking, that is.
Actually getting to the busy arts hub last night for the special VIP opening reception was a big challenge–surpassed perhaps only in my difficulty of being a crabbypants pill in the hour-plus it took me to get from Magee Street to inside the building–but the payoff was more than worth it.

On the bright side of paying $20 to park in a field and sitting on a shuttle bus for FOREVER to literally cross Montauk Highway, I did get to catch up with my friends Norm and Sandy and their friend Steve–a happy and fortunate run in. I also SHOULD have learned a lesson in composure from socialite philanthropist Jean Shafiroff, who was sitting across the aisle from me and didn’t make a fuss at all whilst the rest of us (okay, mostly me) were grumbling and harrumphing.

Once inside, all was forgotten as soon as I embraced the art and the capacity crowd. Loads and loads of friends were there, including practically every photographer (even Patrick McMullan HIMSELF), dozens and dozens of artists and a few thousand art aficionados. And rocker Rod Stewart, who I bumped into but didn’t realize it was him until someone told me right after. By then it was too late, I had already lost him to the crowd.

Highlights of the night included reconnecting with the gallant Harald Grant, who sprang for my $20 (outrageous but delicious) glass of champagne; sharing HC&G memories with LURK’s Anne Sanford; being treated like a tasty morsel by Mark Borghi, all in good fun; and then sharing the shuttle to the back 40 with architect and model-maker Gary Lawrance, an always fine and delightful gentleman. I had a wonderful time! I hope you are able to brave the ridiculous traffic, and hopefully not have to fork up the cash to self-park on a driving range, and get out to experience some truly terrific art.

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