ArtHamptons Extravaganza Never Disappoints

It seemed as if everybody in the world was at ArtHamptons last night. All photos by Dawn Watson
It seemed as if everybody in the world was at ArtHamptons last night. All photos (except the ones I’m in) by Dawn Watson

Boy oh boy was ArtHamptons ever a mad crush last night; in the very best way! It felt like three hours of hanging out with 5,000 of my best friends. Awesome.
Highlights of the night, of which there were MANY, included the spectacle that is Kevin Berlin as he paraded around his white swans on Rollerblades (man that guy can sure whip a crowd into a frenzy!); the Selfie Spot and all that accompanied it at Karyn Mannix’s booth; the HC&G VIP area where it seemed like everyone I know was hanging out and looking fabulous (bonus–Pamela Eldridge turned the camera lens and snapped pix of us photographers–Richard Lewin, Lisa Tamburini and I–funsies); tasting some Swedish Culinary Summer fare with Andy Reice and John Maroney; the lavender-infused champagne and roaming around with some of my favorite gals (thanks Dorothy Frankel and Martha Belesis for putting up with me as I misbehaved); and oh yeah, the ART!
The only regrets that I have are that I didn’t get a chance to connect/spend enough time with many favorites (sorry Michelle Trauring, you know how I am on a mission), that I missed Moby, there’s a ton of artwork that I need to further explore, and that I stayed so long that I completely missed Art Market’s opener. Rats. Hopefully I can make up for most of those things as the weekend progresses.
I’ll caption the photos later but wanted to get something up right away.

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