Images from the Club Monaco Opening Last Saturday

All images courtesy Club Monaco

Still stuck inside on this rainy July 4? Well, here are a few radiant retail therapy images from the Club Monaco opening reception in Southampton last Saturday. Hope they brighten your day. Enjoy.
Among those who showed up to welcome the shop to the village included: Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Kelly Rutherford, Hannah Bronfman, Kristen Taekman, Leandra Medine, Samantha Yanks and Brenden Fallis, plus Club Monaco head designers Aaron Levine and Caroline Belhumeur and jewelry designer Michelle Campbell.HOB_5876304 HOB_5876305 HOB_5876306 HOB_5876307 HOB_5876309 HOB_5876312 HOB_5876313 HOB_5876315 HOB_5876316 HOB_5876318 HOB_5876319 HOB_5876321 HOB_5876328 HOB_5876329 HOB_5876334 HOB_5876337 HOB_5876340 HOB_5876341 HOB_5876342 HOB_5876343 HOB_5876349 HOB_5876351 HOB_5876353 HOB_5876354 HOB_5876355 HOB_5876356 HOB_5876360 HOB_5876361 HOB_5876362 HOB_5876363 HOB_5876364 HOB_5876366 HOB_5876367 HOB_5876370 HOB_5876378 HOB_5876385 HOB_5876386 HOB_5876395 HOB_5876398

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