Chow Down with the Clintons for $5,000

Bill and Hill, plus Chelsea, will be joining friends George and Joan Hornig for a fundraiser at the Hornigs’ Water Mill estate this summer on August 9. Tickets for the benefit, to raise money for the Clinton Foundation, range from $5,000 to $50,000, according to this piece in the Wall Street Journal (see below). For $25,000, the ticket purchaser has event co-chair status and preferred seating. For $50,000, it’s event chair, dining at the head table and an invitation to the foundation’s annual briefing next year.

The Hornigs are passionate about philanthropy and supporting the arts and the East End, and they’re nice people to boot, so I’m definitely in favor of this one. But, though I’d love the chance to hang with the former President and fam on this beautiful property, this one’s just a bit too steep for my pockets. Plus I’ll be at East Hampton Library’s annual Authors Night. Still, pony up if you’ve got the means and the inclination as it’s sure to be a spectacular event.

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