Peek Behind the Privet: Real Estate of the Rich and Famous

peekbehindprivet* It’s officially confirmed. Louis CK has bought Babe Ruth’s former summer house on Shelter Island. The cost was $2.44 million–a bargain in the Hamptons and on the Island. The 5,000-square-foot Tudor-style “Primrose Cottage” was built in 1901 and has six bedrooms and five fireplaces. The property sits on 2 waterfront acres.

* Steven Spielberg is selling 3.3 acres of waterfront land on Apaquogue Road in East Hampton for $24.5 million. He bought the property in 2008, which then included a circa-1900 house which has since been torn down, for $20 million.

* Just as a reminder, earlier this year, David Geffen (Spielberg’s co-founder of Dreamworks SKG) bought Janet Ross’s 7,500-square-foot Georgica Pond mansion in East Hampton for $50 million. Spielberg also owns a home on the most exclusive pond in North America. His house is easy to pick out, it’s got a “Jurassic Park” weathervane.

* And just for a little perspective, in the “go big or go home”–in this case, where “home” costs roughly the same amount of money one might spend when trying to buy a planet–news, earlier this month it was reported that hedgie Barry Rosenstein paid $147 million for a multi-parcel 18-acre estate on Further Lane in East Hampton. The staggering price set a record for the most expensive home sale in U.S. history. According to a story in Forbes, the Jana Partners fund manager earned $140 million in 2012 and is currently #29 on the magazine’s list of Highest-Earning Hedge Fund Managers.

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