Hamptons Party Girl is Being Read in Over 100 Countries

Hamptons Party Girl is Being Read in Over 100 Countries

The end of May marks my 1-year anniversary of starting Hamptons Party Girl and I’m happy to report that this blog has readers in 106 countries and counting. Yes, that map is a correct picture of the readership location statistics. Pretty cool.
HPG is being read everywhere from here (no surprise that the U.S. UK and Canada are the top-reading countries) to places like Bosnia, Ghana, Nicaragua, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Ethiopia. Cheers to being able to spread a little joy to places I would’ve never imagined possible while sitting here in front of my computer in Sag Harbor.
When I started writing the blog, I hoped to entertain a couple hundred people here in the Hamptons with my musings on our culture. My very first post was on Eric Fischl’s book “Bad Boy.” It was read by 40 people in the first 24 hours and I was beyond thrilled to have that many readers find what I had to say. Since, I’ve published 219 additional posts. The most popular so far has been “Cops Caught Sexing it up in East Hampton Cottage,” which received over 5,600 hits in a 24-hour span. I was pretty excited about my sleuthiness in posting a wildly popular bit that had a slightly harder news angle than is typical on this site. Until I realized about 2 seconds later that most of those page views probably came from people looking for porn. Ha. Whatever the case, my readership has grown steadily (several thousand hits this past Saturday, Sunday and Monday alone) and I’ll take the page views however people find me.
The most-read celebrity scoop I’ve posted here has been about Alexander Skarsgard, who has appeared in posts such as “Mere Mortal or Nordic Sex God?” and “Alexander Skarsgard just got hotter by signing up to help wounded American soldiers.” I’ve never really been into blondes but I can see why this very, very handsome man is a heartthrob of international scale. Other bold-face names who have garnered high stats here are: Bill O’Reilly, Stevie Nicks, Sofia Vergara, Lady Gaga and Gwyneth Paltrow. On the news front, another big read was “Hundreds Show Up for Cull Protest in East Hampton.”
Most of my posts are on the lighter side. It’s always been my goal to write things that uplift and celebrate–Lord knows there are enough snarky gossip blogs–and I’m happy that readers seem to embrace my good-news philosophy. Thanks to you all for your readership and continued support. I feel beyond fortunate. Cheers to another great year!

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