Boîte Bites: What’s New in Hamptons Restaurants

Boîte Bites: What's New in Hamptons Restaurants

There’s always a bit of jockeying around at local eateries right before the season starts. This year seems to be producing more flux than most, with new chews at every turn. Here are a few of the newsworthiest recent entrees.
In Sag Harbor, Richie Notar’s Harlow East opened in hot waterside spot that formerly housed B. Smiths. I was there on Monday for a party but didn’t get a chance to try the food. Here’s hoping it lives up to the owner’s reputation. And Doppio East opened where Madison & Main only lasted for one year. The rest of the village is status quo for the time being, though I hear that another restaurant will be coming in to the old Espresso space closer to summer’s end.
In Water Mill, Red Stixs, an Asian restaurant, has already caused quite a stir among foodies. Can’t wait to try out this eatery in the former Trata space.
In Southampton, the Butter guys–Richie Akiva and Scott Sartiano–have opened up 1Oak in the former South Pointe Nightclub.
In East Hampton, big-name chef Donatella Arpaia will helm Jonathan Rapillo’s Sienna Restaurant & Ultralounge in his old Beaumarchais location. Here’s hoping this one sticks as it seems the space has a new restaurant in it pretty much every summer I’ve been out here.
Also in East Hampton, I hear really good things about Bay Kitchen Bar, which is now where Andrra used to be. Can’t wait to pop in and try it. And for the clubs, Finale now occupies the former SL East.
My mouth is literally watering to get into the newly revamped Gurney’s Seawater Grill in Montauk, which is being run by Jennifer Oz LeRoy with Seth Levine. Other new spots on The End include Naturally Good Foods, which opened in the former MTK, Larry Kolar’s Westlake Fish House and The Harbor Raw Bar & Lounge.
Know of more great new places? Let me know. In the meantime, mangia!

One thought on “Boîte Bites: What’s New in Hamptons Restaurants

  1. Don’t for get 1 North Steakhouse. I have had the best steak there this past month. Hard for any east end resturant to match.

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