All Hail the Farmstand

All Hail the Farmstand

I’m so glad that Round Swamp Farm just opened up a retail location in Bridgehampton.
I went there (off School Street in the parking lot behind Bobby Van’s) last week a few days after it opened and was blown away. So many, many yummy things–from fresh fruit and vegetables to prepared items and take-away food perfect for the beach or a picnic. I could seriously shop there every single day. In fact, I plan on strolling down and stopping in several times a week whenever I get the chance.
Let’s all take advantage of the plentiful bounty of the East End by frequenting our local farm stands, farmers markets and seafood shops. We’ve certainly got the goods, so let’s enjoy them!
Here’s the link to Round Swamp Farm: And here’s a list of Hamptons Farmstands, compiled by the Peconic Land Trust. It doesn’t have them all (places that don’t specialize in our farms aren’t included) but it’s pretty comprehensive.
*Photo by me at Round Swamp Farm in Bridgehampton.

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