Further Drive the Locals Crazy: There’s an App for That

Further Drive the Locals Crazy: There's an App for That

In what will surely prove to be ANOTHER another final straw in the fight against helicopter-created noise pollution, there is now an iPhone application called “Blade” that allows users to book seats using a type of “crowdsourse” approach to air travel. Great.
Helicopter tickets to and from NYC and the Hamptons are typically in the $3,000 range but the Blade prices will run as low as $450 a seat, according to a story in today’s NY Post. One assumes that there will be even more flights due to the cheaper prices. Terrific.
Because we all love being buzzed by helicopters–which should be flying at over 3,000 feet but considering the approximate 2,000 complaints registered last year and my own personal experiences, that ain’t happening–every hour of the day as it is. And so another summer season begins.
Here’s the link to the Post story:

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