Fish Taco Throwdown

Fish Taco Throwdown

Growing up in a landlocked Midwestern state, I didn’t get much chance to eat a lot of seafood for the first 20 years of my life. That all changed when I moved to the East Coast. Now I can’t get enough!
When it comes to casual fare, nothing beats the simple fish taco. My two favorites are served at Bostwick’s Chowder House in East Hampton (pictured, from my lunch on Thursday) and La Brisa in Montauk. BTW–when the heck is La Brisa going to reopen??? I need my fish and lobster taco fix and I need it bad!
Bostwick’s is made with mahi, roasted corn salsa and chipotle lime sauce. I like to add a touch of hot sauce to mine.
La Brisa’s is made with local-caught fluke, topped with a chipotle mayo sauce and served atop house-made cornflour tortillas. It’s muy delicioso!
Though it’s my aim to eat at every single restaurant at least once this summer, I might be missing a gem here. Care to weigh in on your favorite? Do you have a recommendation for another terrifically tasty fish taco somewhere else on the East End? Don’t be shy.

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