Hoops Wars: Howard Lutnick vs Southampton Town

Hoops Wars: Howard Lutnick vs Southampton Town

Sportsmanlike conduct is being called into question as Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick is suing (in some cases individual members of) various Southampton Town Boards for not allowing him to build a basketball court, among other things, at his Bridgehampton home.
In federal court papers filed last week, totaling approximately $36 million in funds sought, Lutnick states that Southampton Town Zoning Board members do not have the authority to reject his application for a basketball court on his 40-acre Bridgehampton farm. Earlier this year, he filed $20 million in suits against Southampton Town Planning Board and Southampton Town Farming Advisory Board for limiting the size of a barn he wants to build on the agriculturally reserved land, according to reports. His proposal was for a 11,200-square-foot structure; the allowance was for a 2,400-square-foot building.
According to the Daily News, he previously filed an $80 million suit against the town because he was told that he must “remove a jungle gym, private hedge and a baseball field if he wants approval to build his barn.” Neighbors have reportedly been incensed over Lutnick planting a 10-foot-tall “revenge hedge” on his property, which blocked their views. They say he did it out of spite after his application to build a barn was turned down in 2010. He purchased the property in 2003 for approximately $15 million.

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