Springing Ahead with More Hamptons News


First off, happy spring. The weather’s been a bit iffy but I think that we’ve finally got better days ahead of us. It’s not quite sandals time yet but I, for one, have put the boots and winter coats away in anticipation of warmer temps.
Much as we’d like it to be, not everything can come up roses all the time–thus my sharing some of the less than stellar news of the past week, such as the Kardashians heading out east this summer for a reality series. Ugh. Much as I loathe the celebration of puerility, on the bright side, perhaps their retail presence (the concept is ‘Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons’ and bring their store, Dash, here as a pop-up) will add something positive to the economy.
Speaking of positives, the Ross School was just recognized by The Daily Meal for serving one of “The 10 Best School Lunches in America.” In fact, Scott Disick’s former stomping grounds (sorry, couldn’t resist) came in at number four. Here’s hoping that Hayground School makes a few lists as well, deservedly so.
And on another positive note, Hamptons resident Katie Couric will be giving a commencement speech at her father’s alma mater, American University, on May 10. The University of Virginia graduate will address members of the School of Communications. Good for her!
Think spring.

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