The Cannonball Returns, with Simplified Reserve Pricing

The Cannonball Returns, with Simplified Reserve Pricing

Well my Gwyneth Paltrow post yesterday really got a lot of action. Thanks to all of you who shared, read, commented and liked.
Today I thought I’d be a little bit less controversial–though it’s going to be hard with the Kardashian news that’s been broken. Apologies in advance. I’ll have to cover that later.
For now, let’s just focus on the LIRR. Yesterday the MTA Long Island Rail Road announced that the popular Hamptons Reserve Service on the Cannonball will return this summer with a simplified boarding plan. Now one ticket will cover both the cost of rail travel and a reserved seat from Penn Station and Montauk on weekends, beginning May 23.
The train will depart Penn Station on Fridays at 4:06 PM and will pull into the Westhampton station in 94 minutes before making its way to Montauk. The return trip will begin on Sunday afternoons at The End.
The price of the reserved seat heading east is $47 and $39.75 heading west to the city. Reservations are required and can be made beginning May 1. Email to request the form.
Happy Friday and stay posted for other Hamptons news today.

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