Billy Joel, Alec Baldwin, Madonna and More

Billy Joel, Alec Baldwin, Madonna and More

It’s been a busy past week for Hamptons notables, including this Hamptons Party Girl–though not necessarily notable but definitely burning the candle at both ends of late. As a result, we’ve got lots and lots to catch up on.
Billy Joel has been all over the news lately. It’s been reported that he’s selling one of his Hamptons homes. NOT the one in Sag Harbor, thank goodness, but the oceanfront Sagaponack house that he bought from Roy Scheider in 2007. He’s also gone viral for his two-man doo-wop bit with Sagaponack’s Jimmy Fallon, covering The Tokens’ “Lion Sleeps Tonight” on “The Tonight Show.” I dare you to watch that and not smile.
Alec Baldwin has apparently just bought another Hamptons home, This one’s an East Hampton mansion to complement the Amagansett farmhouse that he owns. I have been hearing not-so-quiet whispers that he’s interested in jettisoning the older estate in favor of his newest purchase. I’m just glad that he’s not leaving the East End.
Then there’s Madonna. The Bridgehampton resident posted a photo of herself on Instagram last week with some (ahem) spectacular new growth. Apparently she is proud to not be follicularly challenged. First the gold grill and now this. I don’t get it, AT ALL, but it’s not like she needs to run her life choices past me. Soooo … to each his or her own.
Lastly, and bear with me on this one because it’s a tangent, but I was watching the film “Hitchcock” last week and was interested to learn something new, so I thought I’d share it with you. There are a couple of scenes in the film about Hitch trying to sell Paramount studio head Barney Balaban on “Psycho,” which intrigued me. With that last name I just had to look to look it up. Turns out that Barney (who in addition to being Paramount’s president from 1936 to 1964, also incidentally bought one of the 14 original copies of the Bill of Rights and then donated it to the Library of Congress) was none other than the uncle of Bridgehampton’s Bob Balaban. Cool. I love learning new things.
Happy Tuesday.
*Photo by me of Billy Joel, Bob DeLuca and Alec Baldwin at a Group for the East End fundraiser.

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