One More Hour ‘Til Alec Baldwin is on ‘Law & Order: SVU’

One More Hour 'Til Alec Baldwin is on 'Law & Order: SVU'

Tonight’s “Law & Order: SVU” might just be the best of the season if everything I’ve heard is true. Yes, Alec Baldwin (who has had more than a few bones to pick with certain paparazzi-style photographers and reporters–not that I blame him) will be playing a tyrannical, vitriol-spewing journalist who abuses his bully pulpit power. And yes, he gives the role his all.
Not only that but Katie Couric is also in this episode as herself. Yay! She’s amazing, nice and a total professional–the absolute antithesis of the bottom-feeders who so frequently (and with extreme provocation, which is somehow never reported or recorded) draw Alec’s ire.
And even on top of THAT, tonight’s “Criminal Stories” episode will be the directorial debut for Mariska Hargitay. Holy moly! It’ll be a Hamptons trifecta.
Little-known fact: Alec contributed to the 1998 “Tabloid” episode of “Law & Order,” which was loosely based on his run-ins with some of the the more unseemly yellow journalists of the time. He’s the only actor to have done this and then later appeared in the franchise. Interesting. I’ve got my DVR set.
*NBC photo

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