Sean Avery on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Sean Avery on 'Dancing with the Stars'

I’ve got to start with an explanation of this picture.
Sean showed up at the La Palestra kids fundraising event at East Hampton Studios in Wainscott this summer with contemporary artist Tom Sachs. They were purposely hand in hand for the first moments on the red carpet and at the step and repeat (sorry, I know the lighting is horrendous) and I incorrectly assumed that they were a couple.
I’m not a hockey fan but I did know that the former Rangers left wing (obviously I had to look that up) was into fashion, had interned at Vogue, was friends with Mastic Beach’s Anna Wintour and close friends with Shelter Island’s Andy Cohen; thus furthering my assumption. You know what they say about assuming ….
The day after the benefit, I did some research and couldn’t find anything about Sean being gay and I was certainly not going to be the jerk to out him, so I never posted any of the photos–even though this is totally adorable. Since, I’ve learned that he got engaged to model girlfriend Hilary Rhoda in November AND he’s going to be on “Dancing with the Stars” this next season.
I’m a fan of this progressive and cool dude. I like that he’s so open and comfortable with himself and others. I will for sure be rooting for him while watching this guilty pleasure TV.

3 thoughts on “Sean Avery on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

  1. Hi Dawn – I absolutely LOVE that you wrote an article about a former NHL hockey player (my favorite sport and my favorite athletes). However, though a very talented player, Avery is a complex and conflicted individual.

    On the ice, he was whats known as an “agitator”. In the NHL, every team has at least a couple of tough guys who are scrappy, chippy and fighters. They play an important role for their teams by getting under the skin and inside the heads of opposing players. Most of the agitators in the NHL aren’t the best skaters, and they don’t score very much. They don’t play as much as the skill players. But when they do get on the ice, their job is crash into people and cause trouble for the other team by pissing them off and distracting them and getting them “off their game”. Avery was a master at this. Not only was he a master agitator. the guy could skate, score and flat out play. You would think that a guy who is a double threat like that would be a desirable asset to any NHL team. He wasn’t. He would play for a team for a short period of time and then get released because he could not get along with anybody. He was a cancer for every team he played for in the NHL,

    The tough-guy type agitators are beloved by the fans of the city they play for. On the ice those types of guys are fearless, gutsy, sometimes even dangerous. They will do anything that they are asked to do to help their team win including “dropping the gloves”. Off the ice, these tough guys are the biggest teddy bear sweethearts you can imagine. To be so genuinely tough, and so genuinely nice, endears them to their fan base in a way that only hockey fans understand. Sean Avery is not one of those guys. He is a jerk. An unequivocal A-Hole.

    On the ice he did part of his job extremely well. But he did it poorly too by constantly breaking a lot of the “unwritten” rules that go on inside the game. In hockey, players police themselves. Meaning, when someone crosses the line, the other team has an enforcer to hop over the boards and settle the score. Often when Avery was deserving of his medicine that he had coming because of his antics, He wouldn’t man up. He would cowardly skate away. He would prefer to pick on the smaller and younger guys and not square off with the other tough guys in the league. Which by the way is a point of pride among the NHL enforcers. They like to square off with the other tough guys in the league to see where they measure up. Since Avery often would not do this, he had almost no respect among his peers. He didn’t properly respect the game and the game properly no longer respects him. I don’t think he has any friends in the NHL.

    Off the ice he wasn’t much different. He constantly said controversial and stupid things and never apologized for them (look up “sloppy seconds”). In the beginning of his career people thought maybe he was just misunderstood. But we hockey fans all learned that wasn’t the case. He was just an idiot. Look up some of his quotes sometime and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I saw him on “Watch what Happens” and almost everything he said was blaming other people. We hockey fans know that he is full of shit and squandered his many opportunities that he was given. There are many “wasted talents” out there. Avery is a big bright glaring illustration of one.

    I think it’s cool that he has some good social projects going that are meaningful right now. But he’ll burn those bridges too. He is too much of a D-Bag and a leopard never changes its spots. I’m convinced that he was picked to be on DWTS for this very reason. He was picked BECAUSE he is a controversial person. He was picked BECAUSE he will say and do a bunch of stupid shit on the show that will help ratings. Producers aren’t stupid. Well that’s not entirely true. (look at NBC).

    My prediction for you Dawn is that you will write a follow up article about him after his appearance on the show and it will be quite different. –

    I’m so glad that you wrote this article Dawn! You FINALLY got my attention and piqued my interest. Too bad this didn’t happen 10 – 12 years ago. šŸ˜‰ Hee! — I still want to get together when I’m up your way soon. Maybe even meet your BF so I can talk Sh*t about him. HAH! – Okay I’ll wrap this up as I am apparently sliding back into my “pick on Dawn at all costs” former self.

    Take care Dawn! – Cheers!!

    P.S. I hope your new job is going well…..if you started yet that is. I can’t tell.

    • That WAS lengthy Clayton; you weren’t kidding! I’m glad to have given you another forum to mercilessly tease me and point out where I’m wrong. Ha! Hey, at least you’re reading. For those who might misconstrue–this commenter and I are old and close friends, with nothing but love mixed in with the mockery. Xo Clay. Miss ya! Let me know when you’re heading to the city.

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