Foodie Delight with Emeril

Foodie Delight with Emeril and Others

Chef groupie that I am, it’s no surprise that I’m addicted to “Top Chef.” This season, which ended this past Wednesday, was the best (though I say this every single season). I loved that the chefs were all in New Orleans and I love, love, loved that Emeril Lagasse had so much camera time.
Emeril’s French Quarter NOLA was the very first “big deal chef” restaurant I ever went to. The food was DIVINE and it set the bar for so many gourmet meals to follow.
I later met the famous chef in 2011 when he was honored by The James Beard Foundation during Chefs & Champagne at Wolffer Estate Vineyard in Sagaponack. What struck me the most about him was that he was shy and quite humble. It wasn’t at all what I expected from the famous “Bam!” guy who is known for his passionate take on food.
I think that’s one of the biggest reasons I liked seeing him this go-round on “Top Chef,” because that quiet and nurturing side really showed through. Now I want shrimp and grits.
*Photo by me at Chefs & Champagne 2011.

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