Happy Birthday Christie Brinkley!

Happy birthday Christie Brinkley !

Supermodel and super lady Christie Brinkley has a lot to celebrate. The Sag Harbor resident turns 60 on Sunday, February 2, and the whole world can revel in just how freaking incredible she looks, as evidenced by her swimsuitted self on next week’s People magazine cover.
Here’s the thing about Christie–even if she wasn’t absolutely stunningly gorgeous on the outside, she’d still be beautiful because she’s even more lovely on the inside, where it REALLY counts.
May today be your best day ever, and all the ones to follow even better. Cheers to you Christie!
*Photo by me at Super Saturday a few years ago. No matter where and when, this lady is always drop-dead dazzling.


  1. She looks so much better then many actresses (like Madge) who try so hard to look young. She is truly a beautiful woman and completely comfortable with her age. Who cares how old she is? Who even thinks about when looking at her. Gorgeous at any age!


  2. Sorry…I guess Madonna is more of a musician then an actress. I used to adore Madonna but have found myself feeling bad for her lately. She should follow Christie’s lead!


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