Killer Hamptons Grammy Moments

Killer Hamptons Grammy Moments

Love, love, loved this year’s collaborative approach at the Grammys.
It seemed is if the theme for the songs up for awards this year and the actual awards show itself were tailor-made for one another–a whole lotta peace, love and acceptance were going on. Who doesn’t stand behind that?
My personal favorite moment was the “Get Lucky” collaboration between Hamptons everywhere man from this past summer, Nile Rodgers (I took this photo of him at East Hampton Library’s Authors Night and he also was instrumental in the success of the rockin’ All For the East End concert), Stevie Wonder (mentor to Sag Harbor’s own Dylan Jenet Collins, who was also at the Grammys–yay for her!), Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk. That was cool. Congrats on the Album of the Year.
Little known fact. Everyone knows that Nile was the man behind Chic but did you know that he also played guitar in The Honeydrippers. Yep, look it up.
Of course Sir Paul McCartney (Amagansett–and next-door-neighbor to one of my good friends) also won another Grammy (with Dave Grohl, et al for Best Rock Song). His performance with Ringo Starr was highly anticipated, though I wish he would’ve sung a ballad.I’m a fool for silly love songs.
Did anyone else catch another East Ender, G.E. Smith, (at least I’m pretty sure it was him) sitting next to Nancy during that performance? Need to confirm that …
Meanwhile, I can’t wait for the Grammy tribute to the Beatles on February 9. That should be awesome.
Congrats to Jay Z for winning for “Holy Grail.” He and wife, Beyoncé, opened the show with “Drunk in Love.” Not my thing but it seemed to be a real crowd pleasure. Why does she have to look like a stripper on the stage and he’s wearing a three-piece suit? And am I the only person who doesn’t get the whole “surfboard” and seeming random spoken and oft-repeated words? Oh well, I’ll admit that I can be an old fuddy duddy.They are both extremely talented and definitely bring a breath of life out here to the Hamptons.
On the other hand, I really enjoyed that Katy Perry (she hung out here this past summer, riding her bike to and fro) kept her clothes on while performing. The gothic set and imagery were worthy of Broadway.
It was also cool to see that Gary Clarke Jr. won a Grammy for “Please Come Home.” He brought down the house when he played the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center in 2012.
Def Jam’s Russell Simmons (he sold his East Hampton house this past year for $7 million) got a quick shout from host LL Cool J. Hard to believe that the label that pretty much created hip hop is celebrating its 30th anniversary.
The Lou Reed tribute (he lived in Springs with his beautiful and talented wife, Laurie Anderson) was too brief but Jared Leto rightly said that “the world lost a genius” when he died last year.
Lastly, I’m so glad that Water Mill’s Madonna didn’t do anything controversial during her time on stage with Queen Latifah, Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert. The “Same Love” performance and wedding ceremony brought tears to my eyes. Job well done.
Good night and good Grammys.

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