Private Parties

Private Parties

Whew, it’s been a busy week for this Hamptons Party Girl.
I started out with brunch last Sunday at the beautiful home of good friend and world-renowned interior designer (and Press columnist) Marshall Watson. That’s him with the spinach soufflés that he made himself. Yummy. And the food wasn’t bad either. Ha!
Thanks to Marshall and Paul Sparks–two of my favorite hosts–for the invite. And thanks to Sara Davison for some top-notch conversation. It was a truly lovely day.
Reminder: if you’ve got sheets, towels, comforters, etc. that you aren’t using, don’t forget that you can donate them to ARF, the Southampton Town Animal Shelter or any other place that saves animals. These items–plus food, toys, litter and pet accessories–are always needed and appreciated.
I also ran into a few other notable Hamptonites this week by chance–including an author, an artist and a billionaire. That totally sounds like the beginning of a joke …
Melissa Bank and I were both at the vet’s office at the same time and she did me an absolute solid. Thanks a bunch Melissa! For those who want to read a good book, I positively urge you to read “The Wonder Spot.” It’s one of my favorites. She also wrote “The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing,” which was a monster hit and also quite good but I have a special place in my heart for “The Wonder Spot.” Hope you like it as much as I do.
Last night I was at Schiavoni’s in Sag Harbor picking up some coffee and who did I run into but Dan Rizzie, who I quickly put into service by asking him to reach something for me on the top shelf.
“I need a big tall man,” I drawled. I might have batted my eyelashes as well.
“I love it when women say that to me,” he mischievously replied with a grin.
Love this guy and I love his artwork. I just happened to purchase a piece of his at a charity benefit a couple of months ago and I’m so glad that it’s mine all mine!
And this morning, Lisa Tamburini and I were at our regular Saturday morning hang at Hampton Coffee Company in Water Mill when we spotted David Walentas and his wife, Jane. Regular readers will note that I JUST posted yesterday about him being the eighth wealthiest developer in New York City, according to Forbes magazine. Forbes says that the Two Tree Farms owner is worth $1.4 billion net.
Wonder who I’m going to run into next? Please let it be Paul McCartney. I’m probably going to the movies in East Hampton tonight, in case you happen to be reading this Sir Paul.
* iPhone photo of Marshall by me.

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