Justin Bieber’s Reckless Life

Justin Bieber's Reckless Life

So everyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows that the Biebs was arrested for high-speed hijinks last night/this morning.
The pop star and teenybopper-idol-turned-headline-grabbing-fool seems to be on a crash course to oblivion. In addition to his arrest for drunken driving, resisting arrest and driving without a license, he was beligerent and abusive to police and admitted to being high. This is of course after the myriad trouble he’s gotten himself into as of late.
When did it become okay to be a thug? I do not like this at all.
Yes, he’s just a kid, and yes, he’s had to grow up fast. BUT he’s become hell on wheels and somebody needs to step in as a role model, and fast.
What’s even crazier than all of his stupid shenanigans is that I’ve gotten about a dozen pitch letters with his name in the subject line today. Really? Now I feel like going on a rampage!

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