Hamptons Screen Savers: East Enders in the Spotlight

Hamptons Screen Savers: East Enders in the Spotlight

Southampton’s Barbara Walters will be the recipient of the Literary-Media Arts Award at Guild Hall’s Academy of the Arts Lifetime Achievement Awards on March 10. Page Six of the New York Post has also reported that Blythe Danner (is she in East Hampton or Amagansett? I’m not precisely sure) will be honored during the event. Awaiting official confirmation on that one.
Of course Bridgehampton’s Madonna has been in the news for all sorts of things recently–using the ‘N’ word on Instagram, pulling it off and replacing it with a message that read ‘get off my dick haters,’ injuring her foot while dancing, and then the inconsequential matter of performing at the upcoming Grammys on January 26.
BeyoncĂ©, is also expected to perform at the music awards ceremony. I’m guessing that she will carpool with husband, Jay Z, who has been nominated for nine awards. The two have rented in East Hampton, Wainscott and Bridgehampton in summers past.
Bridgehampton’s Bob Balaban is on two screens right now: he’s got a recurring role as Dr. Rice on “Girls” and will play Preston Savitz on George Clooney’s soon-to-be-released “The Monuments Men.”
Montauker Ralph Macchio will co-star on “Psych” next Wednesday. What a nice man. Looking forward to seeing him on the small screen.
Speaking of “Psych,” Celia Weston (you’ll remember her from “Junebug” or as Mother Tucker on “Modern Family”) was just on this last episode on Wednesday, January 15. I don’t think she’s got a place out here but I met her a couple of times this past summer at events in East Hampton.
Blondie, who has performed at the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center, followed up her Punk Challenge appearance on “Project Runway” with a surprise telephone call on the reunion special this past Thursday.
I’ve been hearing whispers that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck will be reunited in “A Speck in the Sea,” a film about lobsterman John Aldridge, who fell out of his boat 40 miles off Montauk last summer and survived by using his boots as flotation devices. Interesting.
We all know that Jimmy Fallon will be replacing Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show” come February 17. I’m guessing there will be more opportunities for the family to visit their home in Sagaponack since the show is moving to New York.
Lastly, though he’s denied that there will be a “Seinfeld” reunion, something’s in the works (Super Bowl ad, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” etc.??) with East Hampton’s Jerry Seinfeld. He, Jason Alexander AND Larry David were all spotted around Tom’s Restaurant (aka Monk’s) in Manhattan on Monday.
I guess that’s enough Hampton’s Screen Saver scuttlebutt for now. Happy Saturday!

* Wiki photo of Barbara Walters.

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