Bloomberg Is The Wealthiest In New York State

Bloomberg Is The Wealthiest In New York State

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who owns Ballyshear–a $20 million Georgian mansion on a 35-acre estate on Whites Lane in Shinnecock Hills–is the wealthiest individual in the state, says the website Wealth-X.
Mayor Bloomberg is the seventh richest person on the list of “Wealthiest Individual In Each U.S. State,” according to information compiled by Wealth-X, which touts itself as “the world’s leading ultra high net worth intelligence provider.”
With an estimated net worth of $21.4 billion, Bloomberg trails behind the nation’s richest man, Bill Gates of Washington, who has an estimated net worth of $70.8 billion. Others ahead of Mayor Mike in the net worth arena include: Warren Buffett ($59.8 billion) of Nebraska, Lawrence Ellison ($ 46.4 billion) of California, David Koch ($41.5 billion) of Kansas–but who also owns a house on Meadow Lane in Southampton, James Walton ($37.1 billion) of Arkansas and Sheldon Adelson ($32.2 billion) of Nevada. Note that this list is only for the wealthiest person in each state, not the total compilation of wealthiest individuals in America–of which Hamptons residents would surely hold a few more spots.
Bloomberg might be loaded but he also gives a whopping amount of money to charity each year, as does Bill Gates, David Koch and most likely nearly everyone on the list. Having met him at a few different events here on the East End, I have to say that he’s also pretty funny and nice, though he does not suffer fools gladly.
I took this photo of Mayor Bloomberg at his table at Grand Prix day at the Hampton Classic this summer. He’s sitting with Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst, who was his guest that day.

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