American Hustle: Maybe The Sexiest Movie of 2013

American Hustle: Maybe The Sexiest Movie of 2013

Last year, David O. Russell’s “Silver Linings Playbook” won the Baume & Mercier Audience Award at the 20th annual Hamptons International Film Festival and was lauded by critics and audiences alike. This year, I predict that his “American Hustle” will win sexiest movie of 2013, if there was such a category.
From Amy Adams’s nude scene (also catch her in 2013 HIFF pick, “Her,” which was brilliant) and dramatic kiss with co-star, the stunning and enormously talented Jennifer Lawrence, to the sizzling fashions (another prediction–the 70s will be reinvented and back with a vengeance in 2014) and all the gyrating at the disco, this movie looks hot, hot, hot in all the screener trailers that I’ve seen. A nice perk when you can get it.
If only if it weren’t for all the unfortunate hairstyles sported by the male co-stars. Hamptons frequent visitor Bradley Cooper (he was spotted lunching with Bob Balaban at Rowdy Hall in East Hampton earlier this year and hitting up Montauk hotspots last summer) has one heck of a ridiculous perm; Christian Bale’s comb-over is frightening and Jeremy Renner sports some seriously high hair. But, the drama looks so good (Amy Adams says that the “complex and flawed characters” are “hustling themselves.”) that I guess I’ll overlook the male coiffures and just focus on the story, which is sure to be extraordinarily well acted with a cast this good. My interest has been whetted; looking forward to watching the entire flick
The film officially releases in New York on Friday, December 13.

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