Jay Z Rocks the Grammy Noms

Jay Z Rocks the Grammy Noms

Jay Z, a frequent Hamptons seasonal renter, took the lead in Grammy nominations this year with a whopping nine possible wins coming his way on January 26, 2014. No surprise he’s the lead story on the official Grammy page this morning.
Having rented in East Hampton (he told NY Magazine that he always got lost there and once made his masseuse wait an hour because he couldn’t find the house after playing softball with Russell Simmons and Andre Harrell) and Wainscott, he, Beyoncé and baby Blue allegedly forked over $400,000 to rent Joe Farrell’s Bridgehampton “Sandcastle” during the month of August 2012.
I’ve been in the house. Though at more than 30,000 square feet, it’s a bit large for my tastes; I’d seriously consider camping out there if there was a zombie apocalypse. Boasting a bowling alley, a pizza oven-style café, a gift-wrapping room and a rock-climbing wall, it’s like a small town!
Jay Z calls the Hamptons a cool getaway; except of course when there are 500 people storming the gates for his reportedly crazy July 4 party that happened not too long ago. It’s especially nice, as he has said, because there are so many white people out here who don’t recognize many of his uber famous rapper friends. Funny. And true.
In true Hamptons elite fashion, the Grammy God has also said that he never drives here from the city; he takes a helicopter. Traffic is a nightmare but I don’t think I’d advertise that fact even if I was a cajillionaire–especially with all the uproar over the crazy air traffic to and from the East Hampton airport. Luckily for me, I doubt that’s ever really going to be high on my list of problems.
*Wiki photo, not mine.*

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