Wishing and Mingling at the LongHouse Reserve Holiday Party

Wishing and Mingling at the LongHouse Reserve Holiday Party

No matter what kind of day it is, the LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton always makes it better.
Yesterday was no exception. It was coooold outside but cozy, warm and inviting there. It’s truly one of the most fantastic and special spots here on the East End. And oh so many friends were there for the Holiday Party!
The second I got inside the entrance, I was greeted by Dianne B. and Lys Marigold (love them!) and then moments later ran into April Gonzales, who told me all about her recent trip to Japan–as part of a program with LongHouse–which sounded utterly fascinating.
Of course the big man himself, Jack Lenor Larsen, was there, resplendent in yellow, as was Matko Tomicic, one of my faves. Then, when I happened upon Yoko Ono’s “Wish Tree” (don’t you want to know what I put on that little slip of paper), there was Ellen Watson, looking beautiful and taking fantastic photographs. I left my camera at home yesterday for once but I did manage to get a quick snap or two with my iPhone.
Jack had opened up the house, a rare and absolute treat!, and it was brimming with friends. Hope Sandrow and I met on the staircase and soon started talking about art and chickens–funny–with Kathy Dayton. Arlene Hinkemeyer and I chatted about the upcoming Hamptons Take 2 Documentary Film Festival. Almost on cue, Bonnie Grice, who will be emceeing during the screenings, and Steve Gould popped by.
Gosh, who else did I see? Ruth Appelhof, Wendy Van Deusen, Cynthia Battaglia (awesome food, as always Cynthia), Jay Schneiderman–my favorite politician–Barry Gordin and Karyn Mannix were all taking it in and mingling too.
I thought I saw Dr. Ruth talking to Peter Olsen but it was just some very short lady. But Mercedes Ruehl was there so she and I talked for a bit about her participation in a film panel I’m writing about this week. She complimented my handbag and business cards, and then I proceeded to gush like a fool about her performance in a reading of Tennessee Williams’s works this summer at Stony Brook Southampton. She really was terrific! After that, I figured I better go before my enthusiasm got the better of me …
Lukie Bernstein and I walked out together, talking of Pilates and vacations to tropical locales, while her husband Harvey trailed. And at the very last minute, we were fortunate enough to run into Geoffrey Nimmer, who was looking adorable and happy, arriving as we were taking leave.
It was a good day.

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