Thanksgivukkah in the Hamptons: A Holiday Wrap-Up

Thanksgivukkah in the Hamptons: A Holiday Wrap-Up

The holiday season is in full swing here in the Hamptons. Here are a few of my, not necessarily, favorite things but items of note about life on the East End this week.
On Wednesday morning, I noticed a sign outside a nursery on Montauk Highway touting the necessity of shrink-wrapping one’s patio furniture for the winter. Because, obviously, there’s not enough room in your 4,000-square-foot, climate-controlled garage to properly store all that teak without plastic wrap protection. How very Hamptons.
Later that day, around lunchtime, I remembered–too late–one of the many items in my mental survival guide. On Fridays in the summertime and on the days before major holidays during the rest of the year, it’s best to avoid the grocery store if you can. I know this but I inevitably need to make a food run and end up feeling as anxious as Jerry (Seinfeld has a house here and is out and about pretty often), Elaine, Kramer and George trying to cross town during the Puerto Rican Day or Thanksgiving parades.
This Wednesday at Citarella in Bridgehampton was no different. The lot was filled with luxury vehicles, and inside, wealthy shoppers–grouchy from being stuck in traffic and ready to get their holiday on–were bossing around the help and elbowing the hoi polloi who dared to get between them and the free cheese samples. I’m convinced that rich people like their free stuff a whole lot more than poor people.
Before anyone gets too crabby about my silly musings, there are lots and lots of wonderful people out here–year-round AND seasonal–and I appreciate success. Just not entitlement.
There’s also some Hamptons-related news this week, despite the double holiday. Here are the biggest stories on my pop-culture radar.
Jason Kidd, who bought a nearly $6 million home in Water Mill two years ago, has been all over the news of late. He’s been fined $50,000 for intentionally spilling a soda on the game floor to delay play during a game between the Nets and the Lakers.
Billy Joel, who has been teasing “an historic announcement” that he’ll make next week at Madison Square Garden on December 3, is selling his beachfront Sagaponack manse for $23.5 million. He still owns a crash pad in Sag Harbor village.
MSNBC is apparently pulling the plug on Alec Baldwin’s “Up Late.” My East End friends and I agree–Alec needs to make his East Hampton house a permanent home. He gets too riled up by the negative attention he gets in Manhattan. He’s chill and happy when he, Hilaria and baby Carmen are hanging out here.
I’ve got to run along now. It’s time to get ready for a spate of holiday parties and fancy to-dos.

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