Tom Colicchio Wished Me A Happy Birthday Last Night-Woohoo!

Tom  Colicchio Wished Me A Happy Birthday Last Night

Yesterday was my birthday, always a VERY big day for this Hamptons Party Girl, and this year was one of the absolute bests.
After a week’s celebration, including dinner at the American Hotel in Sag Harbor with friends, lunch at Pierre’s in Bridgehampton with another friend and a day and night in the city with yet another wonderful friend, eating at fancy shmancy La Grenouille (the original French hotspot that paved the way for places like Le Bernadin) and taking in “The Book of Mormon” on Friday, I spent my second actual birthday in a row at Tom Colicchio’s Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton.
This place is phenomenal and it’s my go-to super-special-occasion restaurant out here in the Hamptons. And if any of my chef friends are reading this, I also love your places and you know it. Nick & Toni’s is next on my list–after I work out enough to fit back into my pants. : )
Anyway, last night we decided to dine European style, very late in the evening. Since it was Saturday night at 9:30 and the place was packed, we had to wait a few minutes for our table to be ready. But that was no big deal at all when the man himself came strolling through the door in his chef’s whites.
After artists and writers, chefs are my biggest crushes and Tom is WAY up there. I love his food and his approach to cooking. I’ve photographed him a bunch of times at foodie events–the photo here is of one I took of him and his wife, Laurie Silverbush, at this past summer’s Chef’s Dinner at Hayground–and he’s always been really great.
Anyway, I immediately held out my hand to shake his and told him it was my birthday (something I do approximately 10,000 times during what I call “Dawnapalooza,” which is the week of my special day; down from the month of my special day when I was younger and less mature and dignified. Ha!). Tom gave me a hearty shake and wished me a “happy 20th birthday.” Now I love him even more for that. : ) Cheers!
BTW–the food was outstanding, as it always is.

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