Shailene Woodley The Next J. Law?

Shailene Woodley The Next J. Law?

Holy dystopian action adventure! Not only do we have the uber-successful “Hunger Games” series of books becoming huge movies, now another young adult hit, “Divergent” is coming to the big screen. The film, which will be released in March 2014, stars Shailene as Tris, a girl who seems to be too together for her own good.
Isn’t it hard enough to be a 16-year-old girl in post-apocalyptic Chicago without having to carry around the burden of having to hide the fact that you’re secretly superior to everyone else? Sigh.
I have to give props to this young actor, who I met and interviewed at the Hamptons International Film Festival back in 2011 when she was named a “Breakout Star” for her performance in “The Descendants.”
I must confess that I didn’t know much about Shailene before we talked. I’m a stickler for research and prep but this was one of the few times I kind of had to wing it. A real regret.
I had never seen “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” nor was I able to watch an advance screener of “Descendants” before I was granted time to interview her. Oh, how I wish I had gotten the chance to watch the George Clooney film beforehand as it would have completely changed my approach during our sitdown.
Of course, I ended up being blown away by the young actor’s performance in the film when I saw it a few days later. BUT, I admit that I wasn’t all that impressed with the young lady until I saw her on the screen.
She was awkward during our interview and didn’t have much to say. I remember thinking “Wow, she seems to have just fallen off the turnip truck” because her answers to my questions were so simple and unpolished. It wasn’t that she was unimpressive, but she was kind of milquetoast and beige–in my opinion at the time.
Well, I’ll admit that I’m wrong when I’m wrong. She was freaking AMAZING in “The Descendants!” A huge natural talent. And she’s proved her abilities in her work since.
My hat’s off to you Shailene Woodley. I wish I had known of your true talent when we met. I hope you kill it in “Divergent.”

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