Martha Stewart: The First Celebrity I Ever Shot

Martha Stewart: The First Celebrity I Ever Shot

Before we do anything, let’s just take a moment to remember that Martha Stewart is 72. This fact absolutely blows my mind every single time I see her.
The photo I’ve attached is about 6 or 7 years old but then and now she looks easily 20 years or so younger than her actual age. I’ve been up pretty close and I don’t see any telltale signs of unnatural processes either. Her next book should be on looking like a beauty queen for life.
Anyway, Miss Martha is a regular at food and gardening events out here and I’ve never, ever gotten a bad shot of her. This particular photo was taken at LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton when she served as judge for the first-ever Container Show, “Plants: On + Off The Ground.” This, by the way, is one of my favorite summer events.
I’ve had friends who have worked for Martha and have chronicled the challenges of being at the beck and call of a super-tough type-A personality and I do get it–but I also think that they would probably say the same thing about me if I ran a multi-media conglomerate. Strong, assertive women often get the short end of the stick, especially when they aren’t apologetic about who they are, which is a total drag.
Is she difficult? Probably. But I think she’s pretty badass cool and she’s always been nice and accessible to me. And I seriously want to know the details of her face washing and moisturizing regimen. Rock on Martha Stewart.

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