Crime, Hamptons Style

Crime, Hamptons Style

Living in a posh place definitely has its benefits. A big one is that there’s not much violent crime (except for when Justin Bieber comes to visit, haha) and it’s generally pretty safe out here, with the exception of too many cars on the road and plenty of DWI arrests.
That’s I guess why the Hamptons Burglar story has gained so much traction here and everywhere else. The condensed version is that a local guy got hooked on heroin and committed more than two dozen robberies over the course of 10 months, stealing $126,000 in jewelry, cash, prescription drugs and family heirlooms in order to feed his habit. He was arraigned on Thursday, November 7, at Suffolk County Criminal Court in Riverhead–a place that is decidedly unHamptons.
It’s a sad story with many victims (drugs are bad, people!) but for many, it’s less about the money as it is about the keepsakes that have been lost. I know a couple of victims who were robbed of their dead mothers’ jewels, which will most likely never be recovered.
I guess in a way it’s good news that this is a big story as it means that these non-violent crimes (the burglar said he didn’t actually break in anywhere but instead walked into homes with open doors and easy access–think hide-a-keys) are notable. Somebody at Gothamist must have picked up on this and they put together a story on the “10 Most Hamptonsy Crimes,” which is not only funny it’s also pretty spot-on if you look at the police blotters out here. Here’s the link. Enjoy.

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