Wall to Wall at the Parrish Art Museum

Wall to Wall at the Parrish Art Museum

The Parrish Art Museum celebrated its one-year anniversary in its Water Mill location last night and boy was it ever a doozy!
The private members-only reception was so popular that attendees had to park on Montauk Highway because the lot was full. And it seemed that practically every artist east of the canal was there, lucky me.
The biggie was Laurie Anderson, who was one of the “Artists Choose Artists” jurors. Other artists with work in that exhibit who I saw there were Rick Liss (thanks for the introduction Steve Miller, you are one of my faves), Tucker Marder and Mary McCormick.
Of course all the Parrish people were there. Huge kudos to Terrie Sultan and Alicia Longwell on every fabulous collection and heartfelt congrats to Susan Galardi for joining the team.
Other big deal artists (many of whom have works in the permanent collection) and notables were also in attendance. Who else did I see? In no particular order: Walter Us, Laurie Lambrecht, Eric Fischl, April Gornik, Roisin Bateman, Harry Hurt, Christian Scheider, Bonnie Grice, Steve Gould, Austin Handler, Christopher French, Susan Vecsey, Rosalind Brenner, Dennis Longwell, Elena Glinn, David Nadal, Dianne B. Lys Marigold, Lynn Blumenfeld, Pamela Eldridge, Peter Marcelle, Eric Firestone, Tripoli Patterson, Kathy Zeiger, Pat Rogers, Tom and Pat Kochie, Maria Schon and Jean Shafiroff.
I espied Joe Pintauro, Eric Dever and Greg Therriault heading out the exit and nearly chased after them but stopped myself about two seconds into an embarrassing leap. I think the only people who caught my exuberance were Courtney Ratcliffe and Liz Lattanzio. Fingers crossed.
If I’ve missed you here, or there, I’m dearly sorry. But, the Hamptons art scene being what it is I’m sure I’ll catch you at the next one.

Want to learn more about the Parrish? Here’s a link to a story I wrote last week about the permanent collection. Writing up the “Artists Choose Artists” exhibit for this week and will share that soon too.

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