Jackson Pollock: Of Conspiracy Theories and Polar Bear Rugs

Jackon Pollock: Of Conspiracy Theories and Polar Bear Rugs

In what’s sure to be HUGE art news, the New York Post just exclusively broke a story about an hour ago about the authentication of Jackson Pollock’s last known painting, “Red, Black & Silver.”
The work, long claimed by his mistress Ruth Kligman to be Pollock’s final completed endeavor, has now been proven–according to the Post story–to have been painted by the most famous abstract expressionist. And, just like in the plot of a juicy crime thriller, it was one small piece of trace evidence–a strand of polar bear fur from a rug at his home in Springs–that allowed forensic experts to prove it, the story asserts.
Kligman, who was with Pollock in the crash that killed the artist in 1956, vowed that the work was his but that the artist’s wife, Lee Krasner, hated her and wouldn’t attest to the authenticity of the painting. It’s been reported that Kligman, who died in 2010 with no heirs, waited until Krasner’s death in 1984 to get it named an original Pollock. Her estate contains approximately 700 pieces of art by other East End artists such as Willem de Kooning, Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol and more.

Here’s the link to the Post story. GREAT work!


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