Madonna Moving Forward with Hamptons Manse

Madonna Moving Forward with Hamptons Manse

The Material Girl is making good on her moniker, having acquired not only a 26-acre Bridgehampton horse farm back in 2009 but now expanding on an adjacent property, also on Mitchell Lane.
The New York Post broke the most recent news that Madonna is erecting a two-story, eight bedroom mansion next to the Wild Ocean Farm, which she bought from Kelly Klein close to four years ago. That property, though huge, was not residentially buildable and is zoned agriculturally restricted.
The new spread, which it’s been reported that Miss Madge bought in 2010 for $2 million, is rumored to be being built by Bridgehampton-based Farrell Building Company.
You might recall that I recently posted a blog entry about the Farrellization of the Hamptons. Check it out, I think it’s kind of interesting.
It’s also been reported that Madonna was censured by Suffolk County (which co-owns development rights to the land) back in September for building an access road between the two properties, which was in violation of county preservation laws. I’m not sure what the outcome is there quite yet.
For those interested in a little history lesson, this is a perfect example of how life has changed in the Hamptons over that last few decades. Before Kelly Klein bought the horse farm, it was owned by a lifetime East Ender, whose parents bought the land in 1928 after immigrating from Poland. The used the plot to grow potatoes, which were once the most prolific crop on the East End.
The land was sold by the farming family’s son, Benny Graboski, a few decades after he took over the property in 1955 when his father died.
The next owner of the land was actress Stefanie Powers, of “Hart to Hart” fame, and her cousin, Geri Bauer. They kept horses on the property, as did Kelly Klein.
Then Madonna, who started coming out here while visiting photographer Steven Klein at his West Kill Farm, bought it for several million. I don’t think there are any potatoes left on that little plot of land. Come to think of it, does Madonna even allow potatoes anywhere near her?
The Hamptons have, for the last 100 years or so, been known as the home of artists and writers. It most definitely still is; it’s just that the ones who can afford to live here are not the same pecuniarily- (Is that a word? It is now) challenged ones who struck out here back in the days of Jackson Pollock and his near-penniless cohorts. Except for me, of course.

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