Louis van Amstel is a Sweetheart

Louis van Amstel is a Sweetheart

When “Dancing with the Stars” first came out a million and two years ago, I declared it stupid. Of course I had never seen it.
I was against reality television in general and I suspected that the program would be pandering to the worst, most craven aspects of the celebrity-obsessed American public.
Oh, the irony.
But once season two was underway, I found myself watching and LOVING the show. I’d sit in front of my television with a (most likely very frightening looking) perma-smile on my face. The only time I wasn’t grinning like an idiot at the screen was when the stories told, through dance or narratively, would bring tears to my eyes. Basically, I was hooked.
A favorite dancer from the beginning was Louis van Amstel–not necessarily because he was warm and cuddly but because his immense talent was apparent. I always figured, based on his TV time, that he was a bit of a toughie. But just like I was mistaken about the show itself, I was wrong about this particular dancer and choreographer too.
I just interviewed Louis last week in advance of his teaching a few LaBlast (his dance-fitness program) classes out here in Southampton and he was an absolute doll. Really cute. And super nice.
Some things that I wasn’t able to include in the article below but was nonetheless juicy stuff are his thoughts on the East End (“I love the Hamptons, such a great getaway,” he said, adding that he’s addicted to “Revenge,” even though he knows it’s not really filmed here) and a few of his former “DWTS” partners.
On Lisa Rinna: “My soulmate.”
On Priscilla Presley: “She’s got so much integrity.”
On Niecy Nash: “I have never laughed so hard as with Niecy Nash. That woman is a joy to be around.”
On Kelly Osbourne: “She’s my favorite by far. Her journey was so memorable and touching.”
Oh, I so enjoyed talking to him. Best to you in all your endeavors Louis. Cheers to us having a LaBlast in class. : )
Photo courtesy LaBlast

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