Ralph Macchio: True to his good guy image

Ralph Macchio: True to his good guy image

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the moment I could finally officially share the news that I interviewed 80s “It Boy” Ralph Macchio last week. We talked over the phone about his latest short film, “Across Grace Alley,” which he wrote, produced and directed and will be screened at the 21st annual Hamptons International Film Festival. The 24-minute feature stars his former “Dancing with the Stars” pro partner, Karina Smirnoff, four-time Oscar nominee Marsha Mason, and up-and-coming child actor Ben Hyland.
As expected, Ralph was an absolute doll. He was funny, warm, smart, insightful and interesting. What a super nice dude!
I remember seeing Ralph on “Entourage” and was amused with his sendup of himself but something I didn’t know about the original “Karate Kid,” until I dug into my research, was that he also has a hilarious Funny or Die short called “Wax-On, F*ck-Off” that skewers his baby-faced, good-guy rep. I actually barked with laughter when I watched it. Good for you Ralph!
Other things I didn’t know before last week:
* He told me that he and Kevin Connolly (both directed films screening at HIFF this year) are friends and big Islanders hockey fans.
* He thought of former “Eight is Enough” co-star (and recent interview of mine) Betty Buckley for the grandmother role in “Across Grace Alley.” AND–they’ll both be here in the Hamptons this weekend; she’ll be performing at Bay Street in Sag Harbor on Saturday and he’ll be supporting his film in East Hampton on Friday and Saturday.
* He jokingly refers to his Montauk home, which he calls a money pit, as “the house the 80s built.”
* Instead of partying with “The Outsiders” co-stars–which included C. Thomas Howell, Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Tom Cruise and Leif Garrett–he liked to hang out on set and ask director Francis Ford Coppola questions about filmmaking.
I could go on and on but maybe you should just read the article. : )
Publicity photo courtesy HIFF.

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