My interview with Wanda Sykes

My interview with Wanda Sykes

You know how sometimes you meet or talk to someone famous who you think is pretty cool and then they let you down by acting like a jerk? Well, I’m glad to report that that’s definitely not the case with Wanda Sykes! She is awesome!
Not only was she patient with me yesterday when I missed our initial phoner time (some #$@% stole my credit card info and I was stuck at the bank shutting down my account when I should have been chatting up the comedian–grrr) but she was super cool, and funny, in spite of being sick.
Sometimes people don’t live up to our expectations. I’m not sure why but it seems to be a more frequent occurrence with comedians and comedic actors, at least for me in more than a few interactions. And I’m not talking about somebody not being “on” or laugh-a-minute funny either. I’m talking about some people being downright nasty, which is weird when you stop to consider that they granted the interview–which on my end is always professional, thoroughly researched and appropriate as I take my job very seriously indeed–in the first place, with the goal of selling tickets. Alas, it does happen. And it’s always the biggest bummer.
But not Wanda!!! Yes, I put all three exclamation points there on purpose because she rocks. : )
Spoiler alert: For those who don’t want to read the whole story, my favorite part was when I asked her if there was anything she regretted not doing so far and she replied, “I think I missed that whole porn window. I got over that. I let it go.”
Tee hee. I laughed out loud a few times, heartily, during our 20-minute chat.
For those who do want to read the whole feature, here ’tis:
Note: the photo was part of her press package and was taken by Roger Erickson.

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