Helluva US Open Final Rafael Nadal

Helluva US Open Final Rafael Nadal

Tonight’s US Open Final brought some of the best tennis I have ever seen from Nadal and serious moments of greatness from Novak Djokovik. What an exciting night for the sport! It was like I was there at the USTA Center in Flushing, playing every hard-fought battle for points, instead of lying on the couch eating chips and salsa in Sag Harbor.
It’s such a joy to watch such champions, even though it didn’t exactly go Novak’s way tonight. One thing I must mention though: Rafa, please buy some comfy undies. All that seat picking seemed awfully uncomfortable and distracting. Think how much more you’d dominate if you only had to worry about obsessive face touching and head banging during bandanna readjustments and not groin and booty maintenance. Or maybe it’s an integral part of the ritual (though I do get a little squeamish about the face touching after the lower body adjusting, but that’s just me) that makes you one of the best tennis players in the world and you should keep it up.
Meanwhile, I’ll dream tonight of killing my overhead smashes and mixing up my net game play–once I pry myself off the sofa.
Here’s the Hamptons connection–the McEnroes spend time on the East End. I haven’t met John (who announced tonight’s bout on the court) but I have met his brother Patrick, (what a sweetie!), and his wife, Melissa Errico, (she’s the bestest!!!).

Oh yeah, Nadal won tonight.

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