Congratulations Lance Bass!

Congratulations Lance Bass!

Lance Bass has quite a lot to celebrate right now. Lifetime highlight reel moments include getting engaged to his boyfriend, Michael Turchin, a few weeks ago and reuniting with former ‘N SYNC bandmates–Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick–for the MTV Video Music Awards in late August.
I’ve only had one interaction with Lance, and that was at the Miracle House benefit in Bridgehampton a couple of years ago. The place was packed with wall-to-wall super incredible looking men, causing my party-going female friend to get all aflutter in hopes of securing digits.
“Um, Court, you realize that none of these men are interested in us, right?” I whispered to her. “Take another look. And note that we are just about the only women here except for LuAnn de Lesseps.”
“Ohhhhh,” she said. “Right. I should’ve realized they weren’t straight as soon as I saw that they were all so super hot.”
Yep. That’s the way it goes.
There were so many ridiculously handsome men there that Lance kind of got lost in the crowd until it was time to pose for photos. Crazy, right?
As you can see, he’s adorable. And he’s also super nice. Yay! Sending best wishes out into the universe for Lance and Michael.
Re: the annual Miracle House fundraiser
I’ve got a few great stories to tell from that funny night, and from those in other year’s past. Stay tuned. You never know who will be the next hot Hamptons Party Girl topic.

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