Classic Mystery Blonde

Classic Mystery Blonde

Since today marks exactly one week since Grand Prix Sunday at the Hampton Classic, I thought I’d end my Classic celebrity posts with a little quiz. Do you recognize this woman? I have to admit, I wouldn’t have had a friend not pointed her out to me.
She’s a horse owner but is more known for being in the tabloids than she is for anything else these days. Fame is a double-edged sword, particularly when a person’s actions are out of the ordinary. But let’s face it–famous people, by virtue of their celebrity, are not ordinary.
I heard from a few friends after the fact that this particular diva was having none of it when it came to getting her picture taken last Sunday but this was much later than when I encountered her. Actually, I wasn’t all that interested in getting her photo since she was so bedraggled looking. I hate to take mean pictures of people. Not my style.
I will say this though; last Sunday it was very steamy under the VIP tent. Predicting this, I pulled my hair back in a bun and shied away from being in photos since I knew that I’d be far from my best. I get not wanting to pose Mystery Lady, and I know that the Hamptons are definitely a bit more laid back than other places, but most of us still manage to drag a comb through our hair when we leave the house.
The interesting thing is that this woman is known for being chic, at least in fashion circles. The man with her is also well known but let me tell you, he gets a bad rap in the photos I’ve seen of him. It was shocking to me but I couldn’t believe how handsome he is in real life. Seriously. He’s schlubby looking in every published image I’ve ever seen of him but in person, he’s drop-dead devastatingly hot.
This was the second such observation I made that day; as the same was true of Sofia Vergara’s man, Nick Loeb. Man, it must suck to date a celebrity sometimes.

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