Block Island is the Christie Brinkley of land masses

Block Island is the Christie Brinkley of land masses

Apologies for disappearing for two days this week; the end of summer brought with it some much needed downtime. So off I headed to Block Island, Rhode Island, to recharge my batteries.
This was my first visit to the tiniest town in the smallest state in America and it was just what the doctor ordered. The nearly 10-square-mile island is beautiful, welcoming, picturesque and charming. It’s totally the Christie Brinkley of land masses–meaning that it’s gorgeous from no matter what angle and it never, ever takes a bad photo.
Switching gears to the famous supermodel, I recently had the pleasure of sharing some radio time with her on 88.3 Peconic Public Broadcasting this past month during Bonnie Grice’s Eclectic Café during our regular Media Mavens hour. Now I’ve interviewed Christie before (regular HPG readers might recall that I was fortunate enough to join her backstage in her “Chicago” dressing room) and already knew her to be smart, kind, generous and entertaining but I didn’t know that she was also a skilled mimic.
During her time on the radio with us, she did the voices of Ivana Trump and Miley Cyrus (both of whom she’s portrayed during her time on stage at Guild Hall for “Celebrity Autobiography” this year and last), as well as that of “CA” castmate Jennifer Tilly. I was impressed, and charmed as always.
One last Christie Brinkley tidbit and that’s a thank you to my fellow Sag Harbor resident for retweeting a recent post I made about the Hampton Classic. A million thanks Christie, you are an absolute doll!

Here’s the link to Christie’s radio time with us on WPPB:


  1. Dawn- must agree with your BI sentiments. Then again I must agree with your comparison to CB. I saw you getting off the ferry Have a good weekend


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