Sofia Vergara: a (Hampton) Classic beauty

Sofia Vergara: a (Hampton) Classic beauty

The Hampton Classic was chock-full of stars yesterday for Grand Prix day, including the “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara, who attended a VIP luncheon with her fiancée Nick Loeb.
The couple were guests at the Douglas Elliman table. My guess is that they were invited by the real estate company’s chairman, Howard Lorber, who is also the chair of Nathan’s Famous hotdogs, which recently started carrying Nick’s Onion Crunch toppings.
Just as we’ve all read in many news items, Nick really does travel with Onion Crunch; I saw him shaking it on his plate and those of his tablemates. But here’s a real shocker–he’s incredibly handsome and tall. I would’ve never guessed either of those things in a million years. Additionally, contrary to many reports, he (at least yesterday) seems to adore Sofia and absolutely doted on her all afternoon.
Now here’s a bit of disappointing news for every woman in the world who looks to Sofia as an inspiration for voluptuous figures–she’s MAYBE a size 4. She’s tall, she’s got a beautiful figure and she definitely has those natural, notable assets but she’s certainly not the amply curvy gal Hollywood touts her to be.
As I’ve noticed with Drew Barrymore, Kim Kardashian and now Ms. Vergara, the camera really does add serious pounds. Good thing for skinny Minnies like Susan Lucci but not so great for the rest of us.
Other bad news for regular-sized women: Sofia doesn’t look as if she’s a crazy dieter who struggles to maintain her svelte frame; I saw her eat and enjoy a generous portion of fried chicken. That’s great for her but boy was I ever envious.
Stay tuned over the next few days for shots and stories on Jon Bon Jovi, Matt Lauer, Mary Kate Olsen, Christie Brinkley, Kyle McLachlan and more celebs who showed up at the Hampton Classic’s Grand Prix day.

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