A Visit to Matt Lauer’s Stables

A Visit to Matt Lauer's Stables

Yep, I got a private tour of Matt’s Bright Side Farm in Water Mill last week. Totally no big deal. I’m just glad I had the time to squeeze him in. Ha.
I have been champing at the bit to share this news since my visit last Wednesday morning. Now I finally can. Yay!
It was super cool to tour the farm with friend and all-around awesome guy John Nida, as well as catching a few moments with Matt.
My favorite part was when John said, “Actually, Matt’s around here somewhere. He’s getting ready to drag the ring.” And then the “Today” show host appeared, tooling up in a compact John Deere tractor.
He was looking handsome and rugged in work clothes and holding an iced beverage from our mutual favorite breakfast hang, Hampton Coffee Company. The only bummer was that he didn’t want to get his photo taken, which ’twas a shame as he looked terrific!
Here’s the link for the full story. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed reporting and writing it.

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