Alexander Skarsgard: Mere Mortal or Nordic Sex God?

Alexander Skarsgard: Mere Mortal or Nordic Sex God?

I met Alexander (I like to call him Alex, or just A, because we’re so close–haha) two years ago at the Hamptons International Film Festival. He was the most recognizable of the Breakthrough Performers that year, honored for his work in the film “Melancholia.” Others who were recognized included Ezra Miller (one cool cat), Emily Browning, Stine Fisher Christensen, Anton Yelchin and Shailene Woodley–a very talented group of young actors. Working for the biggest newspaper chain in the Hamptons certainly has its perks. : )
Everyone around me had been going crazy about A, even some of my hardened newsy friends were as agog and breathless over this guy as teenage girls. I was like, “no big deal, whatever.”
That is until I saw him for the first time.
Holy moly, he walked through the oversized double wooden doors of the Wolffer Estate Vineyard in Sagaponack for the HIFF kick-off party and even I was absolutely gobsmacked. Unlike many actors, this guy is really tall–6’4″–and even more good looking in real life than he is on screen.
Because of the klieg lights outside, the doorway filled with an amber glow as he made his entrance. It was like the heavens had opened up and this golden god was walking toward us.
I got to see Alex many more times during the festival, and even got a sit-down interview with him at c/o The Maidstone, over a cup of Hampton Coffee Company coffee, before the Breakthrough Performers panel discussion. He was well spoken, really funny and a down-to-earth gentleman–absolutely no ego trips–despite his successes.
He was generous in his praise for “Melancholia” director Lars von Trier, calling working with him “one of the most amazing experiences of my career.” The things he said he liked to do the most during his off time on the East End were low-key hangs with friends and family, eating food and drinking wine and going to Montauk.
The actor called all the interest in him and his career “flattering,” and a little surreal, but that he was grateful for his fans and supporters. I asked him if there was anything that he wanted to share that people didn’t already know about him.
“People know too much about me,” he laughed. “People know more about me than I do.”
Prescient words considering the “True Blood” season finale. Yowsa.

7 thoughts on “Alexander Skarsgard: Mere Mortal or Nordic Sex God?

  1. Why am I not suprised about this?
    So Alexander knows how much his fans love him and how much we will fight for his character.
    He never fails to suprise me I enjoy his acting and can’t wait to see him in the film “The Giver”
    Opposite Meryl Streep~this will really show what he’s made of.
    The TrueBlood fans know what kind of “Acting chops he has” but other people must find out
    what a wonderful actor he is,he’s mutli leveled talent.
    And on top of it all he’s not bad to look aat.

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