Russell Simmons in the news

Russell Simmons in the news

Apparently I’ve been hiding under a rock because the first I heard of the Russell Simmons’ “Harriet Tubman Sex Tape” parody was this morning, via my favorite tabloid, the New York Post.
In an attempt to launch his All Def Digital YouTube channel, Mr. Simmons posted what was meant to be a funny 3-minute clip, which depicted an actor posing as Ms. Tubman recording an intimate situation with her slave master in order to blackmail him. It more than fell flat; the video sparked so much outrage that it was quickly removed from the site.
I was surprised to read about his “funny” side as the only time I ever met him, he wasn’t exactly in the best humor. Granted, it was at the Bridgehampton polo grounds and he was moving quickly away from under the tent after a jealous woman (a former associate of the rap impresario) had been pelting her boyfriend (not Russell) with mini cheeseburgers for looking at some gorgeous young thing in high heels (Note: Only Hamptons ‘virgins’ wear high heels to events out here, experienced party-goers know to wear wedges or flip flops).
Long story short, the cheeseburger incident was not a pretty sight, and he was definitely not in the mood to hang around and pose for photos. But I did manage to get him to stand still for one shot. I haven’t been able to muster up the courage to ask him to pose for any other photos since.
Fingers crossed, I’ll see Mr. Simmons at the Hampton Classic, opening on Sunday, and he’ll be in better spirits. Or maybe not. In the meantime, I’m praying there will be no airborne snack-sized food at this event.

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