Jay McInerney and Christina Oxenberg Vs. Gwyneth Paltrow

Jay McInerney and Christina Oxenberg Vs. Gwyneth Paltrow

Much ado has been made of Gwyneth’s appearance at Authors Night 2013–mostly from the McInerney and Oxenberg camps and the press’s rabid fascination with the possibility of a smackdown of the polarizing actress.
McInerney tweeted his displeasure over being “hijacked by movie stars with ghost-written cookbooks” and Oxenberg wrote a blog post about Gwyneth’s brute body guards and annoying fans, whom she calls “worshippers,” and how she retaliated by bringing “sloppy hamburgers” and “stinky steak sandwiches” to the table to eat next to the vegan actress.
Yes, Gwyneth’s presence caused a huge stir but frankly I’ve seem similar reactions every year when the “big name” arrives at this event. I didn’t hear Melissa Bank (author of “The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing” and “The Wonder Spot”) or Bryant Batt (author of “Big, Easy Style” and better known for his turn on “Mad Men”) sniping about sitting next to Alec Baldwin a few years ago when he was promoting his book.
Is it hard on the ego to be upstaged in such a grand way? Sure. Is there just a teeny weeny bit of jealousy because nobody’s making that big of a fuss over you? I’d imagine so.
Hey, that’s life.
Both McInerney and Oxenberg have had their moments in the sun. And right now I’m sure they are both enjoying at least some of the perks of being in the spotlight (though I’d prefer to be known for my writing ability and not being snarky, as I’m sure they’d both agree)–and with the added bonus of selling a few more books.
Let’s keep in mind that this is a charity event that raises significant money for the East Hampton Library and it also boosts the profiles of many a writer. I’m all for both of those causes.
Lastly, and I hate to sound mean, but I want to say that McInerney and Oxenberg should be counting their lucky stars that Teresa Giudice (the, ahem, author of A LOT of hugely popular cookbooks and a controversial RHONJ cast member–who I interviewed last year before an East End appearance) didn’t show up. That would have been absolute mayhem.


10 thoughts on “Jay McInerney and Christina Oxenberg Vs. Gwyneth Paltrow

  1. Well said. When I walked past their table in the hour before Gwyneth’s arrival, I noticed a mere sprinkling of people stopping to engage Oxenberg and McInerney. There was a very orderly line forming in anticipation of Paltrow’s arrival. I was about tenth in line. She arrived an hour into the event. It was the photographers that swarmed her and made those in line agitated because it was difficult for us to get near the table to have her book inscribed. My personal interest, besides getting time to say hello to Paltrow is my love of cooking and finding more healthy ways of eating. If she had collaboration on the book, all the better. It was Paltrow who recognized the difficulty we were all having in getting near her to get the personalized book inscription. Absent any large security guards, she stood up and firmly told the photographers to “back off”. I will have completed a biography of Robert Collier by next year. Alphabetically, the chances of me being situated next to Paltrow should she be there next year is good. I would have no problem having her as a neighbor at the table. The gentleman to her right was delighted. This is an event that raises money for a good cause. Oxenberg and McInerney should have left there egos at the door and simply enjoyed the event. In spite of the humidity which is in no one’s control, I thoroughly enjoyed the event. I visited with old friends, made new friends, and picked up some great books while contributing to a wonderful cause.

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