Lou Reed at Guild Hall

Lou Reed at Guild Hall

Guild Hall’s annual summer gala, celebrating the artist Chuck Close, was a big hit last night.
I was fortunate enough to run into Lou Reed alone in one of the museum’s galleries and had a quick conversation about having interviewed his wife, Laurie Anderson, last week. Notoriously camera shy, Mr. Reed was the subject of one of Chuck Close’s giant textile portraits on view. I’m glad he humored me long enough for a nice shot.
Alec and Hilaria Baldwin, who are anticipating the birth of their daughter on Sunday, were also there as well as at cocktails and dinner afterward.
At the dinner–at the beautiful home of Louise and Leonard Riggio–Mark Drucker, Lynn Blumenfeld, Alec, Hilaria and I talked about politics (Mark thinks that Alec should run for President), yoga and the importance of supporting arts organizations.
During dinner, Alec joked that people credit his wife for his lighter physique but that they should credit Guild Hall Executive Director Ruth Appelhof for “making my wallet a little lighter.” He also joked that Ruth wanted to auction off the naming of his baby, for bids starting at $10,000, which drew big laughs. Always captivating, he then added that he had donated a trip with himself and his wife on a private yacht. “We’re going on a boat and going to get shitfaced drunk and eat Cheetos, smoked almonds and cheese,” he laughed (btw–he’s sober and was just kidding). “Hey, a boat, on Long Island, in the summer … the estimated value is priceless.”
During his talk at the dinner, Chuck Close reported that at one time he and fellow artists Larry Rivers, John Chamberlain and Isamu Noguchi were all in the same hospital together. Though he was pronounced dead, and is now paralyzed from the neck down, he is the only one of the four still alive.
“The guy who was pronounced dead is still here,” he said. The large-scale portrait artist then joked that Alec had recently sat for him “and he managed to f*@$ up every single piece” by sticking his tongue out.
Artists Cindy Sherman, Eric Fischl (his donated piece was a BIG seller) and April Gornik were also there but I missed them. Rats! BUT I did get to visit with Dr. Ruth (she’s here for East Hampton Library’s Authors Night) for a bit, which is always a treat. She’s a doll!
Another memorable night in the Hamptons

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