Alec and Hilaria Baldwin at Great Chefs

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin at Great Chefs

Hilaria Baldwin was glowing and her husband, Alec, was beaming at the Great Chefs benefit at Hayground School in Bridgehampton on Sunday night. I ran into them at the end of cocktail time at the annual tasting event, which raises money for the school’s Jeff Salaway Scholarship Fund and Jeff’s Kitchen, and chatted with Hilaria while Alec asked questions of the Xanté reps.
“You might be the most beautiful pregnant woman ever,” I said, adding that it looked like she was about to pop.
“I’ve got about three weeks left,” she said. “Wouldn’t you love it if my water broke right now.”
“I’m no paparazzi, I’d never do that,” I replied, laughing. “But I do want to get you two together in a shot now.”
He joked around a bit with the Xanté bottle but I wanted a nice shot, and he complied. I’m glad he did. This, by the way, might be my most favorite Alec photo. I love to see when he’s in good spirits, and he frequently has been since meeting his lovely wife.
Anyway …
We chatted a bit more and I told Alec that Barry Sonnenfeld was at the event.
His eyes lit up. “Oh my God! Where?” he said, reminding me of that “30 Rock” episode where he was so happy after getting a Christmas gift as a child that he threw up.
I pointed the filmmaker out and then left the happy couple to mingle and enjoy a few tasty treats before the chefs packed it in for the night.
Also at the event, food legends Tom Colicchio, Eric Ripert, Jason Weiner and my pretend husband, Steve Haweeli.

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